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We’re playing our part, too!

As sustainability leaders, we’ve taken a visionary approach to create substantial impact, for people and planet. Find out how we’re making a difference.

ISWU Hacks

How we're making a difference

We’ve taken a visionary approach to creating substantial impact, for people and planet. Henkel has a long history of leadership in sustainability and it is at the heart of how we understand ourselves. We know we must do more and we will do more.

At Henkel Consumer Brands we are committed to transforming our whole portfolio by: Lead to a net zero and circular future to minimize our impact on nature, delivering social impact for our communities and creating transparency together with our trusted partners. 

iswu We Take Care Circle

A tangible example of this framework is our Packaging Strategy for 2025

ISWU Our Strategy

Our Ambition

  • 100% recyclable or reusable*
  • Reduce the use of fossil plastics by 50%
  • Zero waste

Our Objectives

  • All packs are designed for reuse or recycling
  • Reduce fossil-based virgin plastics by 50%
  • No plastics waste into nature
*Excluding products where residue may affect recyclability or pollute recycling streams.

Our Impact

ISWU I buy with my heart be smarter

Zero plastic waste into nature

  • 100% of packaging designed for recycling or reusability1 (2025)
  • 100% paper and cardboard from recycled material or from sustainable forestry sources
  • Reduce  50% fossil-based virgin plastics for all packaging of our consumer goods products (2025)

1 Excluding products where ingredients or residue may affect recyclability or pollute recycling streams

ISWU green energy

Climate positive operations by 2030

  • source 100% of our electricity from renewable sources (2030)
  • reduce 65% CO2 emissions from our operations per ton of product (2025; vs. 2010)
  • reduce 30% CO2 emissions from raw materials and packaging per ton of product (2030; vs. 2017)
  • reduce 100 million tons of CO2 with customers, consumers and suppliers (2016–2025)
ISWU decrease water and wastewater Be Smarter

Managing Water responsibly

  • encourage the responsible use of our products to reduce water consumption
  • reduce 35% water consumption per ton of product (2025; vs. 2010)

Sustainable steps: every brand, every product

Simple ways you can have a positive impact

Building a brighter future for everyone

As sustainability leaders, we're pioneering new solutions for sustainable development while continuing to shape our business responsibly.

Our sustainability strategy is inspired by our purpose: Pioneers at heart for the good of generations. We want to enrich and improve the lives of billions of people every day – and shape a viable future for the next generations.